What are intercultural competences?       And what does a cross-cultural coach do?

To be interculturally competent means to be able to successfully interact and communicate with people from other cultures. In this regard, the basis is always becoming aware of and reflecting on one’s own cultural values and behavioral patterns.

Perhaps you have already detected a sensitization to your own cultural heritage during an extensive stay abroad or the intensive cooperation with people from a different cultural circle? And begun to examine from where certain behavioral patterns have their origin and why some of them are of great importance to your culture although they appear to be less important in other countries.


Oftentimes, we will only then become aware of our own culture – which we naturally embrace as a given in our homeland – in situations in which the environment appears to be unfamiliar. The expected reactions and, in our eyes, the "typical" conduct do not occur and we observe even unanticipated reactions or unexpected conduct.

As a result of the lack of intercultural competence, interpersonal communication is quickly lost in misunderstandings and alienation instead of in building bridges. Regardless of whether it is of a private or a business nature.

One can learn intercultural competence and even much better: Make it able to be experienced!

As a Cross-Cultural Coach, I provide help for cultural awareness and communication between cultures. For example, through intercultural coaching sessions for successful deployments abroad or employee training classes for better international cooperation. There are wide arrays of benefits to such cross-cultural coaching. Based upon the scope of the project and the requested country-specific expertise, I have a network of experts at my disposal with whom I can work closely. Simply contact me to find out more!


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