Trainer, Coach & Consultant for intercultural competences:

  • deployment abroad & return: expatriation, impatriation, repatriation
    cross-cultural coaching and relocation consulting,
    country-based competence USA/Germany
  • cultural awareness and sensitivity, intercultural training
  • intercultural competences, networking skills and resource coaching
  • intercultural marketing, intercultural corporate and employee communication
  • trade fair coaching and trade fair support

I offer a results-oriented, interactive training design for all learning types. In order to do this, preliminary meetings and follow-up meetings for all trainings and coaching sessions are invaluable and included. My services and offerings will be well-suited for your inquiry and respective order.


I provide coaching services which are personally and individually customized to the participants with follow-up and/or long-term support for documentably successful deployments abroad. I offer intercultural trainings across international borders; for deployment (relocation) trainings, my country competences are Germany and the USA. Trainings can be in German or English.


Based upon inquiry and the project scope, I cooperate with co-trainers. When doing so, I rely on a broad-based network of experts with various cultural, country and linguistic competences.


Due to my professional experience, I likewise work as a Consultant on marketing projects with an intercultural component and will support you during the project management and project implementation.


My trainer personality is characterized by:

foresight, flexibility, a good sense of other persons' needs, enthusiasm & motivation transfer.


Trainer Profile
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